This page will help assist you by offering some resources for both Mentors and Mentees.
"DiversityInc’s mission is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of diversity. DiversityInc is the dominant “diversity” publication with more web traffic and social media reach than Black Enterprise, Working Mother, Hispanic Business, Diversity Executive, Diversity Journal and Diversity Woman." (taken from their About page)

The City of San José is happy to have them as a resource for webinars, articles, and other great material! Please sign-up here and start browsing today!
  What is the outcome or result?
  How is your goal achieved?
  Do you have the skills and resources?
  Is the goal important and possible?

    What are your milestones/checkpoints?

The following 3 templates may be used to help assist you with creating your SMART Goals. See which version best suits you!
  1. Template 1
  2. Template 2
  3. Template 3

Suggested Activities
  • Shadow a key meeting with your mentor.
  • Share a current work challenge.
  • Attend a networking opportunity together.
  • Review each other's résumés.
  • Do a mock interview.
  • Ask your mentor to train you on an area that they are experienced in.
  • Visit each other's work site to understand each other's major functions.

Kickoff PowerPoint
You'll be able to download a PDF version of the PowerPoint that was shown at the Kickoff Event by clicking the image below:

Crowd-Sourced Tips
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